Shipping & Returns

Payment within Germany can be done by wire transfer, C.O.D or Direct Debiting!

Our forwarding agent is DHL AG! Shipping charges are based on the pricelist of DHL AG! Foreign customers can only order by wire transfer and by cash in advance!The minimum amount of an order to be placed is 50,00 euro net!Orders placed under the minimum amount undergo an additional charge of 10,00 euro!  No back orders are kept, in case an article is missing in your order it has to be reordered!

Dispatch DHL (within Germany only)
Forwarding Agent DHL
Price: 5,50 € plus 19% VATFree shipment onwards 500,00 € net value of goods. Valid for payment methods: direct debiting, invoice and wire transfer.

Dispatch DHL - C.O.D (within Germany only)
Forwarding Agent DHL
Price: 8,80 € plus 19% VAT & 02,00 € C.O.D fee will be charged by DHL while handing over.
Free shipment onwards 500,00 € net value of goods. Valid for payment methods: cash on delivery (c.o.d)

DHL - DELIVERY OUTSIDE GERMANY WITHIN EUROPEAN UNION UP TO 30 kg per box  (payment in advance only)
Forwarding Agent DHL

Price: 25,00 € for the following countries: 

Belgien Belgium (BE) Italien Italy (IT) Rumänien Romania (RO)*
Bulgarien Bulgaria (BG)* Lettland Latvia (LV)* Schweden Sweden (SE)
Dänemark Denmark (DK) Litauen Lithuania (LT)* Slowakei Slovakia (SK)*
Deutschland Germany (DE) Luxemburg Luxembourg (LU) Slowenien Slovenia (SI)
Estland Estonia (EE)* Malta Malta (MT)* Spanien Spain (ES)
Finnland Finland (FI) Niederlande The Netherlands (NL) Tschechien Czech Republic (CZ)*
Frankreich France (FR) Österreich Austria (AT) Ungarn Hungary (HU)*
Griechenland Greece (GR) Polen Poland (PL)* Vereinigtes Königreich Great Britain (GB)
Irland Ireland (IE) Portugal Portugal (PT) Republik Zypern Cyprus (CY)*

*note: with * marked countries are priced differently:

DHL - delivery up to 30 kg per box - Price: 30,00 €

Deliveries outside the European Union are handeld individually. Please contact us, before placing an order outside the European Union.

Reclamations: Reclamations, damaged goods, wrong delivery or any other complaints have to be made within 7 days after reception of goods! No claims will be acepted after 7 days!